Fight the Blight of Yucca Valley

Fight the Blight in Yucca Valley is a political committee aimed at revitalizing the blighted industrial land in the Town of Yucca Valley, California, by allowing for the development of state-licensed commercial cannabis businesses—other than retail sales—and the creation of skilled employment opportunities.

As local Yucca Valley residents, voters, and business owners, it is very important to understand how this will impact your business, property and our community. California will begin issuing state licenses for commercial cannabis activity beginning January 1, 2018. The Yucca Valley ordinance would allow indoor industrial marijuana cultivation and processing in Yucca Valley's industrial zones while still not allowing any marijuana retail stores, retail sales or delivery services. Be informed on how this measure would increase certain property values, bring various construction projects to Yucca Valley, generate tax revenue, create local well paying jobs, and provide an overall economic stimulus throughout the town of Yucca Valley.


7281 Dumosa Ave #4, Yucca Valley, California, United States, 92284
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