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In the early 1980's I became involved with a scientific research team investigating Bigfoot, UFOs and paranormal activity. Leads from newspaper articles and first hand witnesses prompted numerous interviews and explorations. Field investigators from other areas also filtered in sighting reports. We were trained in remote viewing, psychometry and other sensitivity skills, map location, and search. These skills made us qualified participants in field research.

After several years of involvement with the ESP'er Group I expanded my abilities in the areas of spiritual counseling, teaching, and studied for my ministerial credentials and Doctor of Divinity. This work has integrated my life for the past 3 decades. I am a U.L.C. Minister and Dr. of Divinity (Universal Life Church), as well as a licensed minister with U.S.C. (Universal Spiritual Church).


5712 Conifer Dr, La Palma, California, United States, 90623
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